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Here you can download 10 + 1 important points that every procurement specialist should be familiar with. We share here 3 important points of them.


Quaity control

If you order directly from the manufacturer, quality control covers the entire supply chain in the course of test manufacturing. In the case of serial production, you may decide to use the manufacturer’s quality assurance system, which enables you to intervene at certain checking points. However, if you decide to use the services of a purchasing and warehouse management company,

in addition to the manufacturer’s quality controls, you may also use the customer’s quality assurance system in case of products in the serial production,

which may be extended to the inventories in the warehouse as well. This way, the handling of faulty products becomes possible before they are supplied to the customer.




Security of supply

In case of a direct contact with the manufacturer, you have access to price guarantees related to the contracted quantities, as well as for having replacement products manufactured in case of a faulty product delivered. All of this also happens in case of indirect purchasing; however, in this case, the handling of the faulty products takes place by way of the supplier, who provides a consistent level of service independently from the manufacturer.

In such cases, the entirety of the administrative burdens is borne by the supplier, while the security of production is guaranteed, in addition to the quality assurance system, by the combined application of the FIFO (First In First Out) and LOT (manufacturing item identifier) systems.



Customs clearance

If the necessary parts can only be sourced from third countries, companies providing warehouse management services can supply customers with products that are cleared through customs.

In addition, they also provide the necessary administrative services and documentation necessary for putting them on the market.


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