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Company-specific solutions, around the clock

Sunbelt provides company-specific solutions, around the clock. The procurement departments of manufacturing companies are often overburdened these days. You may have experienced this yourself.  Due to the fixed nature of the internal processes of companies, individual problems are often handled inefficiently.  In the meantime, the company wastes precious time and energy, which could have been focused on other processes of strategic importance.

It is often an external observer who can identify and handle these tiny, but very annoying problems. We at Sunbelt believe that by relieving procurement specialists of unnecessary burdens, we allow them to have more time and energy to concentrate on the tasks that really matter.  In the long run, this can contribute to the development of the individual and the organization.

We consciously have a small number of customers. Instead of increasing our capacities infinitely, we want to continue to give our customers our utmost attention, 24 hours a day. For working together, we believe, it is indispensable to be available continuously. We want to really understand the challenges our partners face, as this is the only way to find the best solutions for them.

This does not mean that our customers would lose control over the procurement processes and we would take over. We only help to ensure that the internal processes of the company indeed operate smoothly. We do not want to take away other’s jobs – on the contrary, we add value to it and make it easier.



Our team

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Attila Kálmán

Sales manager

I have worked in the field of procurement for many years. I have a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the College of Szolnok, where I specialised in logistics. After graduation, I worked as a purchaser at the Debrecen unit of a hypermarket chain. My life took a complete new turn in 2005, when I left my earlier job, and together with Sunbelt Supply LLC we established Sunbelt Kft., where I have worked since in the position of sales manager, in order to ensure the success of the company and to serve the needs of our partners.

When I am not working in the above position, I spend my free time with my three sons and my wife. In addition, I also devote time to volunteering: I currently help the operations of the Waldorf School of Debrecen. My favourite pastime is cooking, which is, of course, highly appreciated both by my family and our friends.

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Róbert Somogyvári

Warehouse manager

I have a degree in mechanical engineering from “Ybl Miklós” College of Engineering. After graduation, I worked as a designer for 14 years at a building engineering company in Debrecen. I started to work for Sunbelt Kft. in 2010 as a warehouse manager. I really enjoy my job at Sunbelt Kft., as every day brings something new.

Like Attila, I am also a father: I have three daughters, who attend the Waldorf School of Debrecen. I agree with the mission and the objectives of the school, and therefore, I am also active in volunteering for the school, along with other parents. I like to spend my free time close to nature, and therefore, in the summer the family moves out to our own farm, which is always a great experience for all of us.

Our center

Sunbelt Supply LLC was established in 1990 in Round Rock, Texas. The company is a wholesale distributor of many types of products and provides engineering support to their clients. Sunbelt Supply LLC is committed to supplying its customers with quality products, on-time delivery, competitive pricing, vendor management systems & services, vendor stocking programs and engineering support.

With its products, Sunbelt Supply LLC is present in the fields of computer and semiconductor manufacturing, refrigeration technology, automation, as well as the aerospace, military, oil, electronic and construction industries.

The company currently ensures its global presence by way of four plants. In the USA, the company operates from its headquarters in Houston and Round Rock, Texas. The company has also been present in Hungary since 2005 through its plant in Debrecen, and the latest addition was the unit in Malaysia, opened in 2013.

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