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The procurement departments of manufacturing companies are often overburdened these days. You may have experienced this yourself.  Due to the fixed nature of the internal processes of companies, individual problems are often handled inefficiently.  In the meantime, the company wastes precious time and energy, which could have been focused on other processes of strategic importance.

It is often an external observer who can identify and handle these tiny, but very annoying problems. We at Sunbelt believe that by relieving procurement specialists of unnecessary burdens, we allow them to have more time and energy to concentrate on the tasks that really matter.  In the long run, this can contribute to the development of the individual and the organization.

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Case study

Participants of the Debrecen Academy of Young Entrepreneurs studied industrial manufacturing companies operating in Hungary and examined their purchasing habits. This study is summarized in a publication which presents an innovative solution for companies that have challenges with their procurement processes.

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