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Safety equipment

Thanks to our extended network of suppliers in Europe, America and Asia, we are able to provide quality products for representatives of several industries. We continuously aim to increase the number of our suppliers, as we want to provide more choices to our customers.

Our largest supplier is our center, Sunbelt Supply LLC, which is present with its products in the fields of computer and semiconductor manufacturing, windmills, automation, as well as the military, oil and electronic industries.

Find out more about our labour safety equipment

  • Ear plugs
  • Smoke detectors
  • First aid kits
  • Labor safety footwear
  • Labor safety eyewear
  • Goggles
  • Labor safety gloves (according to various standards, for example, cut, abrasion, puncture, impact and tear-resistant gloves, as well as products providing protection against mechanical forces, heat and cold, chemicals, etc.)
  • Labor safety garments
  • Protective helmets

Munkavédelmi eszközök

The above list is just a short extract of the wide range of products we distribute. If you have not found the product you need, please contact us to consult on what would be the most ideal solution for you.

    By completing the form, you can simply request a quote for our various individualized products and services.

    In the course of requesting a quote, in addition to providing the basic data, you can also attach a photo or some other file (e.g. a table summarising the product data). This allows a simpler and more accurate specification of the product parameters.

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